Julia Fox is unrecognizable due to her bleached brows and blue hair

Julia Fox is a pop culture figure who never fails to amaze. Fox never shies away from a significant beauty moment, whether it’s «fox eye» makeup tips that are more dark knight than fluffy-tailed vixen or cranking the motor on the celebrity bleached brow train. The model’s recent trip to Milan for fashion week is no exception. Fox changed her typical medium-brown hair for a streaky shade of blue that is, to put it nicely, a lot of look for her week of sitting in the front row. While Fox was spotted with blue hair as recently as September 21, you’d have to be paying attention at Milan Fashion Week to catch a glimpse of it. Regular people, like yours truly, first noticed Fox’s new blue hair on Monday, Sept. 26, when she posted about it on her Instagram page.

Fox’s frosty new tint was produced by hairdresser Ezio Diaferia, according to the captions on her Instagram image. Fox’s blue hair was arranged to seem wet during her time in Milan, giving the model strong aquatic energy. It was parted down the center and separated into three portions—two in the front and one in the back. While it’s unclear whether Fox’s new blue appearance was caused by bleach or was a one-time stylistic decision, it’s just as avant-garde as Fox’s fans have grown to expect.

Fox’s new hairdo was coupled with an equally memorable makeup look done by Luca Cianciolo. Her bleached brows stood out against her characteristic thick black liner, which she complemented with a lilac lip. The cool-toned neutral lip just added to the iciness of the look – it’s hardly 98.6 degrees. Isn’t it easy to see her coming from the lake, blue hair about her face, tempting boats to the rocky shore?

Fox’s’ fit definitely accentuated her oceanic vibes. The patent leather matching set featured a zip-up jacket, a micro-tiny skirt, and matching blue opera gloves in a deep, rich blue. To avoid seeming too monochrome, she accessorized with patent black stiletto boots and a black leather purse. Fox seldom deviates from her characteristic hue of black, so seeing her in a splash of color, even though it’s still solemn and dark, is pleasant. Fox never fails to push the frontiers of beauty trends, and fans of her style would expect nothing less from her during Milan Fashion Week. I can only speculate on what comes next. Perhaps green?

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