Matt LeBlanc has some disappointing news for his fans

While it’s been wonderful to see the actors of Friends go on to larger and better things after the program ended in 2004, fans can’t deny how wonderful it was to see them all gathered together again for the 2021 reunion special. Actors like Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are frequently scheduled and in demand, but seeing Matt LeBlanc or Matthew Perry back on the big screen was absolutely unforgettable. When’s the next get-together, guys?

In particular, Matt LeBlanc, in particular, has had a delicate relationship with the spotlight since he took a pause from acting when Friends and its spin-off Joey ended. He didn’t return to television until he landed a leading role in Episodes, a Showtime series. And now that his program «Man With a Plan» has concluded in 2020, it appears that the 55-year-old actor will take a break from performing once more.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight this weekend at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Gala, LeBlanc was questioned if he would be interested in guest-starring in any of his old Friends co-stars’ current projects. Aniston, for example, has The Morning Show on Apple TV+, and Cox has Shining Vale on Starz. David Schwimmer will soon be seen in the Apple TV+ comedy Extrapolations, and Lisa Kudrow will voice a character in the animated series HouseBroken.

However, LeBlanc has no intention of joining the Friends ensemble in any future projects, nor does he wish to continue performing at this time.

When asked if he’d work with his Friends family again, LeBlanc answered, «I’m taking some time off right now.» » I’m just enjoying the fact that I don’t have anything to do today; it’s been wonderful. » Sorry, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.» The actor went on to explain the significance of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and why he became engaged.

LeBlanc didn’t go into detail on why he is taking time off, but the last time he did so, the cause was heartbreaking. He previously admitted to being «burned out» from the spotlight, saying he «rarely left the house» after portraying Joey Tribbiani for so long.

We’re hopeful that Matt LeBlanc’s time away from the camera will be beneficial, and we’re sending him our best wishes.

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