Single father purchases an old bus and transforms it into a colorful, entertaining home for himself and his child

When you go past an old bus, you don’t generally think to yourself, «Hey, that might make a pretty nice-looking house!» But, for one man, when he spotted an ancient, double-decker bus, he had the impression that he followed his instincts.

Adam Collier, a carpenter from Brighton, UK, is 42 years old and understands how to make his ambitions come true. He did something that not many people could do: he turned a double-decker bus into a useful and stylish place to live.

Anything is achievable if you have the appropriate mentality, drive, and a little imagination! Adam possessed all of these qualities and was always up for an adventure. He started to think about building his own mobile house since he couldn’t afford an expensive mobile living place for himself and his kid.

When he found an old double-decker bus, he already had a plan in his head for converting it into an inexpensive and transportable house for him and his 12-year-old daughter, Devon.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to have a comfortable and effective transportable living environment.
We frequently witness how the affluent and famous can afford opulent mobile homes that cost millions of dollars. Adam lacked the funds to realize his ambition, but he had the vision and the ability to construct one with his own hands. He made a budget of £10,000 for buying the bus and turning it into a place to live.

However, Adam had a lot of work ahead of him before he could accomplish his ambition. Because the double-decker bus had only just been retired, Adam had to address structural difficulties before converting it into a mobile home.

Converting the bus into a house was difficult, but Adam was determined to make his dream a reality.
After removing the 42 seats and benches, Adam had to deal with the insulation issue, since he discovered that the bus had no insulation, to begin with. When Adam initially boarded the bus, he saw that the window seals were leaking everywhere. In an interview with AmazingSpaces, Adam revealed that he planned to undertake all of the work himself, with the assistance of a couple of his pals.

A true DIY enthusiast began discreetly turning a bus into a genuine house!

«I’m also a craftsman, so I knew how to do everything, and there was no use in asking anybody else for assistance.» It was also my project. I couldn’t expect everyone to be as enthusiastic as I am. »

Adam built a whole new dining area on the lower floor to replace the previous seats.
Adam’s mission required a great deal of ingenuity, given the restricted space and money, as well as the materials required to convert a bus into a completely functional house for two. Adam had to keep most of the weight on the first level to make sure his mobile home was stable. He did this by adding a dining room to the lower deck at the back of the bus.

Adam, who spent his youth on a bus, wanted to keep part of the bus’s original appearance while maintaining its functionality. He put new rich green-tinted hardwood paneling in place of the previous walls, giving the new home a peaceful, organic aspect.

He also constructed a boiler, a bathroom, a long open kitchen, and a wood-burning fire on the lower deck, as well as a new kitchen between the driver’s cabin and the eating area. Adam wanted a basic bedroom on the top deck: «I wanted to pack in as many double beds as possible, and I wanted them to be actual beds—that was vital.» «I created it on a scrap of paper that I’ve since misplaced,» he explained.

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