Poor garbageman performs with such passion that judges become emotional and ask for more

An American Idol show may hit close to home every now and then.

Doug Kiker provided just such a moment.
Kiker, a trash collector from Mobile, Alabama, wowed the judges with his performance.

Doug explained to the judges his crucial reason for auditioning with a pleasant and true grin.

He wanted to demonstrate to his 2-year-old daughter that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Is he up to the challenge?
The judges inquire about Doug’s singing experience after observing him to be a little anxious. The judges are taken aback by Doug’s candid remark.

He had never even warmed up.
The judges questioned Doug whether he’d warmed up before entering, and he said he wouldn’t know how. So they gave Doug some time to warm up.

The judges encourage Doug to warm up so he can provide his finest performance, which is unusual for the show.

«I want you to go out right now, warm up, and then you’ll come back in,» Lionel Richie adds.

He motions him to the door and instructs him to meet Ryan Seacrest for some warm-up exercises.

Doug returns to the stage for the second time.
When Doug returns, he appears more confident and ready to show them what he’s got.

The judge’s eyes light up when he begins singing «Bless The Broken Road» by Rascal Flatts.

Doug sings from the heart and with sincerity.
The judges are definitely swept away by Doug’s raw skill and profound emotional connection to the song as they watch.

Luke Bryan appears in the performance.
Now it’s Doug’s time to be astounded. Bryan chooses to accompany Doug on stage to see what he can accomplish with his voice.

Doug’s voice improves as they sing together. Bryan gives him advice and shows him how to hit the notes and show off his range.

His heart is in the right place.
Doug Kiker has just become a sensation despite the fact that this is his first time singing on stage.

The judges fell in love with this hardworking, cheerful dad who wasn’t scared to take a risk in order to teach his daughter that dreams can come true.

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