Reese Witherspoon’s cute throwback to her first-ever photo shoot

Reese Witherspoon, like every other ’90s girl, aspired to be on the cover of Seventeen magazine. But, unlike most of her colleagues, she really did it. Adorably, she’s still proud of that success, as seen by her discovery of the picture session and sharing it with her 28 million Instagram followers on Oct. 16.

The Oscar winner flashed back to 1991, when her debut picture, The Man in the Moon, was released. She starred in Seventeen with her co-star Emily Warfield to promote the coming-of-age drama. Witherspoon was just 15 years old at the time, and it was her «very first picture session ever,» as she stated in her Instagram caption.

«I can’t believe I discovered this photo,» she said. «I remember feeling like I was about to pass out from joy because all I ever wanted to do was be in Seventeen magazine.»

Witherspoon’s statements also contained some wisdom, notably an uplifting lesson about the benefits of perseverance. «I had no clue where this adventure would take me,» she explained. «A reminder to keep going since you never know what’s around the corner!» (For her, of course, the path led to an uber-successful career as an actor and producer.» (For her, of course, the journey led to an uber-successful career as an actor and producer.)


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The flashback shot pleased her fans, including a slew of celebrity colleagues. «Cutie,» Natasha Lyonne said, while Gwyneth Paltrow added, «Look at that FACE.» It was also a trip down memory lane for America Ferrera, who told Witherspoon that she liked The Man in the Moon «sooo much!» Others couldn’t help but see parallels between Witherspoon and her daughter, Ava Phillippe, despite the fact that the Morning Show host previously stated on Today that they «don’t notice [the likeness] too much.»

As the Seventeen covers illustrate, Witherspoon was already a star in her debut film. Though much of the writing didn’t fit in her shot, you can read, «These three actors absolutely shine in the moving film The Man in the Moon.» She’s been working ever since and has carved out a position for herself behind the camera as well.

On October 4, she described how she founded Hello Sunshine Productions. But as I got older, I started looking around at the roles for women, and they just weren’t good enough. And because I read a lot, I began optioning novels. … I’ll create my own opportunities. »

The multihyphenate used the same «mess into success» spirit to write Busy Betty, a children’s book based on her imaginative and adventurous younger self, which was released on Oct. 4. As she put it, you never know what’s going to happen next!

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