Susan Boyle surprised everyone by returning to America’s Got Talent 

Almost ten years later, Susan Boyle chose to surprise everyone once more. Susan Boyle became an immediate worldwide phenomenon after appearing in the third series of «Britain’s Got Talent.» Despite the fact that his debut aired over a decade ago, Boyle has maintained a degree of popularity rarely seen among TV performers. That rendition of the Les Miserables classic «I Dreamed a Dream» has been viewed millions of times, including by Simon Cowell, who was blown away. She deserved to become famous right away, and now she is known as one of the best singers of our time.

Today, Boyle is somewhat of a household figure throughout the world, with many viewers hailing her debut audition in 2009 as one of the finest moments of television. Boyle has a comfortable life as a professional singer, with several of her recordings hitting the top of the charts and collecting numerous awards for her music. She also went back on stage in 2019 when she appeared on «America’s Got Talent: The Champions.»

Boyle demonstrated that she is a real cultural phenomenon when she appeared on «America’s Got Talent: The Champions,» where she delivered an outstanding performance in front of Simon Cowell and the other judges. This was her first performance since becoming the second runner-up on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.

Boyle has become a celebrity in her own right, and it’s easy to forget how a relatively unknown singer rocketed into prominence truly began, but as seen by her comeback performance, Boyle is nothing short of stunning every time she takes the stage.

According to Good Housekeeping, Boyle was living alone and unemployed prior to her audition, and she embodied the definition of an underdog. Following her audition, which pushed her to the show’s top contenders, the gentlewoman went on to sell more than 15 million albums, acquiring a lot of renown in the music business across the United States.

Nearly a decade later, the middle-aged Scottish native lady demonstrated her superiority by delivering Wild Horses, a heartfelt rendition of the Rolling Stones. Boyle went on to win the coveted Golden Buzzer from Mel B as a result of her outstanding performance.

After the heartbreaking event in 2009, Boyle spoke with Entertainment Tonight one year later, after becoming a music phenomenon, to share her metamorphosis. During this period, Boyle got several music offers and media attention, which contributed significantly to her career.

Although Boyle did not win during her season of «Britain’s Got Talent,» the singer went on to sell more than 15 million records and garner two GRAMMY nominations. According to Boyle, the only way she could commemorate her mother was through her singing profession, which had been her ambition since she was five years old.

Her supporters’ adoration for her was obvious from the minute she arrived on stage, as everyone broke into jubilation and applauded, much to her surprise and admiration. The judges and the audience were blown away by her incredible skill as she performed «Wild Horses.»

Despite not winning the 2019 season of «AGT,» she has continued to win hearts with her wonderful voice. Her 2019 performance is shown below.

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