This dad with a disability goes above and beyond what is expected of him to get his son to school… Tap below to find out more…

Even though he has to push his wheelchair all the way to the school with his kid sitting on his lap, one father from the Philippines makes sure to send his son to school every morning.

Tatay Alejandro was just named «Father of the Year» because he sent his son to school in his wheelchair. His story went viral on the Internet. Alejandro, who has a disability, does this to save money on bus fares and to make sure that his son gets to school safely.

According to the official page of the local TV show Front Row , Alejandro became disabled when he was 5 years old and got infectious disease. In spite of this, he felt thankful since, many years later, he was finally able to have a family of his own.

Despite the fact that he has a disability, Alejandro wants to fulfill his role as a father to his son, and one of his tasks is to make sure that his kid is able to get to school in a safely.

Even though it requires him to cross the busy highways with his kid sitting on his lap as he physically rolls his wheelchair through the crossroads, Alejandro is certain that this is the greatest thing he can do for his son.

Despite this, the father finds it difficult to do this task since his son Junior, who is now 7 years old and too large to sit on his lap, has grown so much over the last several years. Junior is in the second grade, and his father drops him off at Pasig Elementary School every day.

Since their story was posted on Facebook, many people have praised Alejandro for doing everything he can to raise his son. Many other netizens were worried about the duo’s safety since they had to cross major highways every morning as cars rush to work.

However, it is hoped that Junior would learn from this experience about his father’s sacrifices and commitment to raise him. Who knows that a few years later, Junior will be the one pushing the wheelchair for his father.

We have a lot of respect for this father and the sacrifices he has made for his kid. Let’s put our best foot forward and hope that there are a lot more parents in this world who are willing to go above and beyond what is required of them in order to raise their kids.

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