VIDEO: When a quiet kid takes the stage, everyone who doesn’t like him starts laughing… Then the music starts…

Some people have to perform in front of big crowds. Many of the best entertainers in the world had to put in a lot of hard work to feel as comfortable on stage as they do when people watch them.

Even some of the most famous entertainers still get nervous before going on stage, just like they did when they were in high school talent shows.

Brett Nichols still gets nervous when he has to get up in front of a crowd and perform. Brett is still a teenager, even though he doesn’t look like it. But his dance moves are so much like Michael Jackson’s that you might think he is the King of Pop.

Even though he hasn’t «made it» in the entertainment world yet, he has taught one skill that has inspired many people to follow in Brett’s footsteps and go after their dreams.

Brett’s friends think he is quiet and shy, so they are surprised when he marches on stage with as much confidence as Michael Jackson. It’s almost like Brett had a private lesson with Jackson, like a master class, where he got to pick Jackson’s brain and learn his moves from a pro.

However, as things turned out, Brett never had a chance to meet the legend, Jackson. He just learned the dance steps by putting in many hours of hard work and devoting himself completely to it.

Because Brett has a reputation for being shy and quiet at school, his classmates didn’t know what to expect when they saw him walking across the stage to perform next at the talent show. But as soon as the music began, the audience knew they were in for a treat.

No one is going to try a Michael Jackson song unless they’re really good at what they do. The people in the room knew that.

Brett’s personality might be the thing that makes him work so hard. Because people at school think of him as one of the «shy ones,» he shows that shyness can be shed like dead skin.

Brett is almost like a caterpillar that goes into a cocoon and comes out as a beautiful butterfly. His peers have also noticed how much he has changed, which is part of the reason why this video performance has become so inspiring.

If Brett can rise to the challenge, so can everyone else who has been hiding their skills from the world because they are shy or afraid.

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