This unusual couple is the parents of two children. It’s interesting to see how they look

This unusual couple, nicknamed «coffee with milk,» defies all marriage stereotypes.

In previous articles, we discussed unequal marriages with large age gaps.

Today we shall talk about interracial marriages.

When individuals learn about such relationships, they are frequently piqued by a wide range of themes.

The key question is the color of the children’s skin.

The basic but strict rule follows.

The dark color is dominant; it relates to skin, eyes, etc.

On the internet, this couple has been dubbed «coffee with milk.»

It’s a pleasure to look at their joint images because they look so distinctive but also so harmonized.

What do you suppose the children of this lovely couple look like?

And here are their lovely children, who have inherited just the best from their parents.

Both girls are mulatto.

As we have already mentioned the darker gene always dominates and therefore both girls are dark-skinned.

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