Over 7 million people have fallen in love with their Perfect Harmonies… The vocalist invites his mother to sing with him…

Making it to the top contenders of any The Voice competition takes a very special talent. It takes something unique that elevates the contender to a higher level. A lot of the time, a contender has a lot of talent, but he just lacks that extra bit to propel his performance to the top register.

To Ashur’s surprise, his video has already surpassed the incredible and significant milestone of 1 million views just 24 hours after being posted on multiple platforms. With over 6 million views and hundreds of thousands of compliments, it’s easy to see why it went viral so quickly.

With a little motherly love and voice, Arthur’s talent appears to have just risen to that special and professional level. Not only did they create a perfect rendition of this classic in perfect harmony and equally velvety tones, but the special love bond between mother and son added an extra dimension that warms hearts around the world.

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