A high school dance team dressed as Howie Mandel raises eyebrows and laughs.

The John Glenn High School Dance Team auditioned for America’s Got Talent recently. These stunning and talented dancers drew everyone’s attention by dressing up as the judge Howie Mandel. The members of the team were dressed in bald caps, dark suits, and matching round spectacles.

When the contestants took the stage, all of the judges were taken aback by how much they resembled Howie. Kami Box, Jessica Foss, Maren Burgeson, Madisyn Galan, Myleigh Kocks, Brande Gillespie, Justis Lawson, Ava Norton, Emma Niemann, Makayla Olson, Lilly Rocha, Lauren Zarazua, and Maddie Rahn were among the dancers.

Mandel was already smitten with the team as he smiled, waved, and gave them a standing ovation before their performance began. He informed them, «I’ve already given you a Golden Buzzer,» and even joked, «You can never get enough of me.»

Heidi Klum, one of the judges, asked the dance group, «Why him?» «We know he’s not a big fan of dance teams, so we were hoping we could change his mind a little,» said the spokesperson.

Hearing this, Howie Mandel exclaimed, «I already love you!» Next, the team of dancers delivered a thrilling, tightly choreographed dancing act on two songs, «Fireball» & «I Feel Good» by Pitbull. Their performance drew a standing ovation from both the audience and the judges.

Mandel was the first to evaluate performance. «Oh my god!» he exclaimed. «Listen, it’s fun, it’s funny, the skill was there, I can’t get enough of me — this was amazing!» he said jokingly. Simon Cowell eagerly anticipated the next performance. «I’d be curious to see where this goes in the next round,» he said.

When Heidi Klum joked with Simon Cowell about not impersonating him, the media mogul replied, «That could always happen if you go forward.» When asked about her thoughts on the performance, Sofia Vergara told the group that she loved the music and their energy and enjoyed the performance. As a result, the dance group received four «Yeses,» advancing them to the competition’s next round.

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