Comedian Ricky Gervais criticizes celebrities and claims that the public is sick of them…

Ricky Gervais is a comedian who isn’t hesitant to put celebrities in the limelight. Several times while presenting award shows, the British comedian ruffled some feathers. However, his appearance at the 2020 Golden Globes drew the most headlines when the comedian openly chastised Hollywood celebrities and internet corporations for utilizing the occasion to make political comments.

Gervais, who previously said that he would never host the Oscars because they would never allow him to do his kind of humor, made some sharp remarks about celebrity award shows when chatting with The Sun. When I initially did it 10 years ago, everyone said, ‘Ah, how can you speak to these magnificent multi-millionaires? How can you talk to these gorgeous people like that?'» «By the final one, it was like, ‘God, give it to them, we hate celebrities!'» Gervais said.

NEW YORK, NY — SEPTEMBER 10: (EXCLUSIVE ACCESS, SPECIAL RATES APPLY) Comedian Ricky Gervais attends The Novak Djokovic Foundation New York Dinner at Capitale on September 10, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

The comedian then later explained why he feels people have turned against celebs in the past years, claiming that it is all because of their hypocritical, constant virtue-signaling. «I know what that is,» Gervais said emphatically. «With all of the poverty and hardship, they wonder, ‘Why are these folks lecturing me?'» They’re taking a limo to an awards ceremony and urging me to recycle?»

Gervais furthers his hypothesis. «People simply grew tired of it, of morality signaling.» And they served as a beacon for their hatred. People who had nothing became weary of being lectured by others who had everything. As a comic, you have to make a choice, Gervais said, adding, «Do you cater to the 200 wealthiest people in the world in the room or the 200 million watching at home?»

Traditionally, we are jesters in comedy. We have poor social standing. So I’m playing in the mud with the other peasants. I have to be in their camp. «That’s why I go out there with a drink and act like a slob to convince them that I’m on their side,» Gervais said.

«And that’s what’s difficult today, to be a stand-up comedian and maintain your lower standard, since everyone knows how much you’ve made,» Gervais said, before explaining how he ingeniously caters to the audience in a personable way. «So I approach it in two ways. I behave like a slob. I go out in sloppy pants and a sloppy T-shirt, drinking beer from a can. I remind them that I am one of them, that I shouldn’t be here, and that I am fortunate.

The British comedian also said that insulting someone does not imply that you are incorrect. «I constantly tell people, ‘Just because you’re outraged doesn’t mean you’re right,'» he says. Some individuals are insulted by a characteristic. So I’m never intentionally aiming to offend, but this new tour [Ricky Gervais: Humanity] is about free speech and offensive culture.

Gervais also expressed regret over his 2020 Golden Globe performance. «I’ve never thought of myself…» I don’t know, I suppose I earned that reputation at the Golden Globes, when I softly shredded some of the world’s wealthiest, most pampered, and most beautiful individuals,» he said. «I can defend every joke.» And I believe some people are angry when they confuse the subject of the joke with the real target, especially when dealing with sensitive topics. »

GLAAD, an American non-governmental media monitoring group, launched an at.tack against Gervais in response to disparaging coverage of gay and lesbian people. «We watched Ricky Gervais’s» comedy «special on Netflix, so you don’t have to,» GLAAD said. «It’s filled with gory, deadly anti-trans rants disguised as comedy.»

The provocative comic retaliated. «My goal was trans activist ideology, not trans people,» he told The Spectator in an interview. He remarked, «I’ve always stood up to orthodoxy that oppresses individuals and hinders free speech.» «It was certainly the most current, most discussed, most forbidden issue in the previous few years.» I work with sensitive themes and must tackle the elephant in the room.»

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