On American Idol, an emotionless produce stocker wins hearts with his wonderful voice… View the video below…

Following our dreams may be both frightening and gratifying for many of us.

There’s the dread of failure, and then there’s the delight of pursuing our dreams. However, not everyone expresses their emotions in the same manner.
One young man’s ambition is to move from the produce area of his neighborhood grocery store to the theater.

His given name is Aaron Westberry.

He’s from Greenville, South Carolina, and his voice tells you a lot about him.
Aaron is only 20 years old and works as a produce stocker at a grocery store as he decides what he wants to do with his life.

Aaron made the decision to record himself playing the piano and singing, and then he planned to send the video to a woman he knew.

Aaron thought he was singing beautifully for the first time, and she adored it.

So Aaron auditioned for American Idol.
This concert is huge and has helped many well-known singers launch their careers.

If you had assessed Aaron based on his actions, you would never have recognized that he believed it was a major problem. Very nice and serene.

He wore sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt to the audition, and he didn’t show any emotion at all. The judges tried to get him to show some emotion by getting him to talk, but Aaron stayed calm. When they asked what he was going to sing, he said he was going to sing “2016” by Sam Hunt. He was going to sing the song and play the piano at the same time.

The piano changed him.

As soon as he sang the first note, the judge’s faces changed. They couldn’t believe how much emotion was flowing from a teen who had seemed to be almost emotionless only moments before.
Like two different people.

Aaron played the whole song, and when he was done, he walked back to the middle of the stage as calmly as he had started.
Luke Bryan, a well-known country singer, was the first judge to say something.

«You’ve got a heartbreak tone, man,» he said to Aaron. That was correct.

Another judge, Lionel Richie, tried to entice Aaron to pursue his dream of becoming a singer, but the youngster seemed uninterested.

In any case, there was something really exceptional about Aaron’s performance, and as a result, all three judges agreed that he should go on to the next round in Hollywood.

What do you think Aaron did when he heard this great news? Not much.

«Thank you very much,» he replied as he exited the room, his hands in his pockets.

Aaron may be the least enthusiastic American Idol contestant ever to visit Hollywood, but at least he remains true to himself.

Aaron’s fantastic performance may be seen in the video below! You won’t want to miss his amusing reaction to some amazing news.

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