Harry Styles performed «Hey, Soul Sister» for the judges at the beginning of the «X Factor UK» audition, and then this happened. VIDEO: The full audition video of Harry Styles.

See the video here.

Harry Styles, a teen, has a large following.

This past weekend, Styles’ audition film for The X Factor UK was extended and shown, allowing One Direction fans a chance to watch him sing a cover of Train’s «Hey, Soul Sister.»

Just the 28-year-old Harry’s House singer’s rendition of Stevie Wonder’s «Isn’t She Beautiful» was shown in the 2010 ITV broadcast of Styles’ audition.

Nevertheless, the extended version indicates that Styles, who was 16 at the time, sang Train’s 2009 hit before Simon Cowell asked him to sing a cappella song.

Do you mind if I listen to you without any music? Can I? I’m not sure if the music is the cause of your confusion. Cowell, 62, then posed the query to them.

The «Watermelon Sugar» singer also talks about his job as a baker and acknowledges that his mother has always given him compliments for his singing, which encouraged him to put his abilities to the test in this music video.

Styles said, «I think I could do it, but I think with your guidance I could be a lot better than I am,» in response to Cowell’s inquiry about his level of confidence in his talents.

After witnessing Styles perform, judge Louis Walsh voted «No,» while Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole concurred.

Styles auditioned for the program alongside Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan as a solo artist.

The surviving candidates were invited back on stage and encouraged to form a band, which they did under the name «One Direction,» but after being eliminated early in the season as soloists.

After finishing third overall on the competition program, the trio recorded five albums before taking an indefinite hiatus starting in 2015. Malik had made his exit known earlier in the year.

In the intervening period, Styles has released three studio albums. Harry’s Home, his most recent album, was released in May and includes two of his most well-known tracks, «As It Was» and «Late Night Chatting.»

This British musician spoke with Better Homes & Gardens in April about making the switch from a band to a solo career. The interview was highlighted on the magazine’s June cover.

In order to succeed as a solo artist, Styles claimed that his time with One Direction taught him the value of being well-mannered and likable.

He said, «In a lockdown, I started processing a lot of everything that happened there,» when questioned about his time with the band.

He claimed that in order for people to «connect with you and like you,» he was instructed to «give them a lot of yourself.»

The Grammy winner alleged that the media routinely inquired about him personally and that he frequently left interviews fearing that he might have unintentionally broken one of the contracts’ «clean» clauses.

Styles claimed that those stipulations forced him to act responsibly out of fear, and he sobbed when he went independent and signed a new deal without them.

I felt free, Styles said.

See the video.

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