She experienced early rejection because of the color of her skin. Who is she now

Nyakim was an extremely timid youngster. Due to the girl’s exceptionally dark skin, kids her age did not accept her; teenagers did not interact with her either.

In 1993, a girl with an unusual skin tone was born in South Sudan.

Afterward, they relocated to Minneapolis in the United States. Teenagers in America rejected Gatwech. The girl thought she was ugly.

Nyakim didn’t first understand how her unique features may work in her favor.

The girl is aware from personal experience how challenging it can be to deal with others’ opinions, particularly when they are young.

When her older sister lightened her complexion, a model once wanted to do the same. My sister discouraged Nyakim from ever considering skin lightening because she had regretted it her entire life.

A model friend displayed her collection and asked Gatvech to take part in the event.

So the girl’s modeling career began. In 2017, photos of the girl appeared on advertising posters for the movie “Saw 8”.

The girl spent nearly two years building a portfolio for herself. At the age of 28, Nyakim achieved heights never before seen.

She has signed a contract with the global company FashionNova, a well-known brand of women’s clothing.

Photos of the beauty adorn the covers of glossy magazines – Woe, Mefeater, Annabelle, and L’Oréal Paris.

She was one of the models participating in the Calvin Klein photo shoot. More than 970 thousand users follow the life of the star on social networks, who nicknamed her the “queen of darkness”.

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