Check out the photographs of Monica Bellucci’s daughter that have sparked controversy…

Deva Cassel posed for a popular glossy magazine. The 18-year-old model was dressed in provocative apparel.

Monica Bellucci’s daughter participated in the Wonderland Magazine photo shoot. She posed for renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

Elen worked as a model for eleven years before becoming well-known for photographing Claudia Schiffer for a Guess campaign. Ellen is inspired by Adriana Lima. Her work is mostly concerned with femininity.

Throughout the shoot, Kassel edited a number of pictures. She then put on a set of florally adorned undergarments, comprising of a top and bottoms.

The 18-year-old model then changed into a white bodysuit and matching stockings. The corset accentuated her waist. Her hair was adorned with white ribbons. She posed while chomping on a chocolate pretzel.

Furthermore, the model appeared in more fitting clothing. Her outfit was white, with a fluffy hem that fell above her knees.

She accessorized with black leather gloves, a mask, and dress-colored golf balls.

The last performance was cabaret-themed. Kassel arrived wearing a black corset with a light fluffy skirt, stockings, and high platform sandals.

Several were looking at the actress as she stood on a table.

Kassel posed for Wonderland Magazine wearing Dior clothing and Cartier jewelry, according to the magazine’s editors.

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