What happened before the Internet? Oh, the Struggles We Overcame! (VIDEO)

Personal communication was restricted to phone calls and letters back then. Long-distance calls were costly. As a result, people frequently wrote letters to their loved ones to stay in touch. However, receiving a response takes weeks, if not months. If you needed information or wanted to learn anything new, you had to go to a library or bookshop, or you had to rely on your out-of-date encyclopedias.

Because Google and Wikipedia were not available, getting knowledge took physical exertion. You had to sift through books and hope they contained the information you required. Music fans would amass collections by purchasing records, eight-track tapes, cassettes, and CDs. Half the enjoyment was going to the record store and listening to your favorite records on a stereo or tape player.

Fast-forwarding through a tape was a much faster way to hear a song on the radio. People used to rent movies on VHS or view them on TV when they aired before streaming services and online gaming. If you didn’t have an expensive home gaming system, you could typically play video games at the arcade. Back then, TV shows and movies were considerably more limited, so you had to rely on a programming schedule or a specific night of the week to watch your favorite series.

If you missed an episode, the only way to see it later was to record it on a VCR. Shopping required visiting brick-and-mortar establishments because there were no internet websites to shop from, and home deliveries, except for pizza, were uncommon. It took time since customers had to manually compare pricing and items. Travel planning necessitated the use of actual maps, and typing in your destination for directions was not an option.

Before the internet, entertainment consisted of game nights with board games, cards, and tabletop games. The face-to-face connection was essential in these activities, which encouraged communication and teamwork. Going to the movies meant going to the theater, and cooking frequently meant relying on cookbooks and handwritten recipes.

The news was a whole different sensation. People relied on the evening news, newspapers, and magazines for information. You had to use a Polaroid or film camera to capture memories and buy film to develop them. Waiting days, if not weeks, to see your photos were all part of the experience.

Despite the constraints, life before the internet was exciting and exciting. People made the most of a bad situation. It’s remarkable to think about how much the world has changed since the advent of the internet. However, it is critical to remember the simpler times and memories made before it.


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