The girl has shed 200 kg and is now nearly four times her original size. This is how she appears…

She «became hooked» on sweets as a stress relief when she started experiencing troubles with her classmates.

The parents who shared this belief expected the girl to grow out of it, the hormonal milieu to shift, and everything would be fine.

That, however, did not take place. Nikki achieved her top weight of 300 kg when she was 34 years old!

Obviously, the girl’s life was at jeopardy.

She called the «I weigh 300 kg» program, where professionals assist individuals in losing excess weight.

A stomach reduction surgery was an option, but she would have to lose at least 20 kg beforehand.

Three months have gone.

Nikki was concerned that her appetite would not go away after her surgery and she would regain the weight she had lost.

Despite this, she was able to lose 100 kilos with the help of psychologists by restricting her eating and linking exercise to it.

Unfortunately, the girl’s look was also harmed by her weight reduction, as there was a lot of drooping skin.

She still shed 25 kg despite having surgery to remove extra skin after losing weight to 160 kilograms.

Nikki Webster is no longer recognizable. She currently weighs 90 kg.

She follows a healthy diet and does not wallow in self-pity when working out, so this is not the end of the story.

A move like this improved her health, gave her more self-assurance, and made organizing her personal life simpler.

Nikki is a contentedly married woman with a lot of goals for the future.

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