A unannounced military visit brings tears to the eyes of the students… View the video below…

If you or someone you know is in the United States military, you are aware that employment might keep you away from your family for extended periods of time. Jonathan Hill, a First Class Boatswain’s Mate, had been away for a year.

Jonathan’s absence from his family was coming to an end, which was excellent news. And he intended to be present for his two children in a huge way.

Landon, 15, and Jaliya, 8, were advised to go to the gym with the other North Muskegon High School students. They had no idea their father was the meeting’s honored guest.

Jonathan walked down the corridors. He’d just travelled from Bahrain to London, and then to Detroit Metro. The most terrifying part of arriving by airline was waiting to walk through the doors and into the gym.

This last-minute gathering before spring break had been planned for a month. The teachers at North Muskegon High School had kept this reunion a secret, but it had finally come to light.

As soon as Jonathan walked into the busy gym, his worries went away. Landon and Jaliya started crying and ran to their father, who was waiting for them. The people around them started to cheer.

Jonathan had been looking forward to this important moment for a long time. Jonathan said, “Getting almost tackled by my son was the best feeling I’ve had in a year.”

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