Being kind to children is a unique form of kindness.In the Subway, a thoughtful man offers his phone to a child who is staring at him…VIDEO!

Who wouldn’t want to see tiny children’s enormous smiles? Kia Tatiyana Davis is one of the millions of travelers who utilize the crowded New York City subway, which is rated seventh in the world in terms of annual usage, conveying nearly 1.7 billion passengers per year!!!

Kia was fortunate to witness a beautiful event while riding the train, a man and a man established an extraordinary connection because of a cell phone. A youngster sits between his mother and a man who is on the phone. He was polite and tried not to bother the guy, but his curiosity got the best of him because the person was believed to be playing video games on his cell phone.

The kid would occasionally check his phone to see what was going on. The man was wearing earbuds and didn’t notice the youngster at first. The father eventually noticed the youngster staring at his phone screen, and when their gazes connected, they both smiled. Because the father noticed the little boy’s passion for the phone,

He unplugged his earphones and handed the phone to the youngster, and the boy immediately resumed the game. The father definitely spends time with children based on his behaviors because he knew what the boy needed right immediately, but we don’t need to work closely with children to have a good heart for them.

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