Simon Cowell offers a standing ovation to a child who performs Whitney Houston flawlessly… Check out the stunning video below…

People have seen some would-be celebrities on Britain’s Got Talent who went on to become renowned and whose faces are still recognized today.

Maia Gough, a South Wales musician, was one of the youngest persons to audition for the top British show.
She was only 12 years old when she appeared on the show, yet her voice sounded practically professional.

Right before she stepped on stage, the emcee advised her to «enjoy» and «have fun,» which the young girl did.
She sang in front of the judges, and despite her nervousness, it was evident that she was determined to make a good impression on them.

When the judge, David Williams, asks who is there to support her, she makes everyone laugh by responding that virtually her entire family has come to support her.

By then, Maia had calmed down enough to be ready to use her beautiful voice to wow the crowd.
When asked who her favorite singer is, she says that it’s Whitney Houston and that she had prepared a Whitney Houston song for that audition.

When everyone stops talking, the song begins.
From the first lines of Whitney Houston’s smash song «I Have Nothing,» it’s evident that she’s a rising star.

The judges adore her voice and are amazed that she can sing so effectively for someone her age.

While this is going on, the girl’s family backstage is in tears because they can’t believe how great she’s doing on stage.

When the song is finished, Simon Cowell can’t help but rise up and cheer for her, and Maia appears to be overjoyed. In fact, everyone else gets to their feet.

Despite having tonsillitis, the girl made it to the Semi-Finals, where she sang «I Didn’t Know My Own Strength» by Whitney Houston.

«You have tonsillitis and decide to sing one of Whitney Houston’s most difficult songs.» «That takes guts,» Cowell noted at the time, «and it worked.» «You made everyone in Wales proud,» David continued, «and everyone is probably rooting for you.»

The judges were speechless again after Maia’s performance, but she didn’t get enough votes to make it to the finals. She never stopped singing, though.
Since then, she has kept working on her singing skills. She is now in her second year at the Urdang Performing Arts School in London.

Maia also has a YouTube channel where she posts covers of well-known songs.
She also has an Instagram account where she shares news with her followers, like when she told them she was engaged last year.

The talented girl, who is now a woman, might still impress us in the future, just like she did when she was younger.

Watch the video below to see how Maia’s audition wowed the crowd.

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