The Voice young contestant moves Gwen Stefani and irritates coach Blake Shelton with his performance…

We’ve watched a lot of musicians play on «The Voice» stage throughout the years, and the majority of them are excellent. The reality singing competition, which has aired on NBC for over 10 years, continues to generate high-caliber singers and offers opportunities to people who are just beginning into the profession.

The 22nd season of «The Voice» premiered on September 19, 2022, with a new set of coaches taking their seats. Camila Cabello, the singer of «Havana,» recently joined the group after Ariana Grande left for Season 21. Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson’s replacement, also returns this season. «The Voice’s» most adored coach, Blake Shelton, and EGOT Award-winning singer John Legend are both still active on the show as it begins its seventh season.

The humor amongst the four instructors is top-notch, especially with Cabello in the mix. While coaches come and go over the years, there still seem to be many undiscovered skills and untapped potentials.

Each contestant on a team on «The Voice» must go through a challenging process: after gaining the backing of a coach during the Blind Auditions, they must compete against a teammate during the Battle Rounds. If they are successful, they will be pitted against two more rivals in the Knockouts phase. The final four participants from each team would now play in the Live Playoffs, which now include public voting.

Brayden Lape, a 16-year-old Michigan native, may have given Team Blake’s coach one of the biggest difficulties of the competition during «The Voice’s» Season 22 Knockouts when his performance reduced Shelton’s wife Stefani to tears.

Singing is more than just saying things with one’s naturally melodic voice. Lape may have made the correct decision in convincing Team Blake’s coach to select him during «The Voice’s» Season 22 Knockout Rounds because it is also about developing an emotional connection with your audience.

Lape’s country rendition of Niall Horan’s «This Town» won Shelton over. Despite only making one appearance, the country music legend managed to establish himself as a fan favorite for the side. In the Battle Rounds, he defeated Benny Weag by singing Parker McCollum’s «Pretty Heart» with soul.

Lape’s future became dubious when he was paired with three-chair turner Austin Montgomery and another fan favorite, Eva Ullmann, during the Knockouts.

When it was eventually his turn, Lape belted out Brett Young’s «Mercy» in one of his best competition performances. The song is currently No. 1 on the US Country Airplay charts and has been certified four times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Stefani, Shelton’s wife, was visibly moved to tears by Lape’s sweet voice and boy-next-door appearance both during and after his performance.

According to WITL 100.7 FM, Lape moved to the Live Playoffs when Shelton chose him above the other two.

Lape will now give some of his colleagues his quarterback’s jersey from Michigan as he leaves for the Live Playoffs in sunny Los Angeles, where he will compete against 15 other contestants before being crowned the season’s victor.

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