The contestant defies Simon’s request to modify the performing song and eventually wins him over…

«America’s Got Talent» participant got Sofia Vergara’s golden buzzer for his amazing version of the song «Tomorrow.»

The 48-year-old «Modern Family» actress pressed the golden bell for Jimmie Herrod’s performance, which gave her shivers.

Simon Cowell called the Portland native’s rendition of «Tomorrow» from the musical «Annie» his «worst song in the world.»

Cowell, 61, advised the AGT hopeful that his music choice was Simon’s worst audition song. He suggested that he perform another song, but Herrod had nothing else prepared and simply continued.

The competitor ended up mesmerizing the judges and the audience with his passionate song, proving that it was the perfect choice.

Herrod’s performance was so exceptional that it caused Cowell to reconsider the Broadway song.

After his performance, Cowell said, “Wow, wow, it’s not my worst song anymore, unbelievable.”

Herrod received a standing ovation from Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell, the judges. Vergara, on the other hand, stayed seated and seemed not to be impressed by the audition, fooling everyone.

I have to admit, I didn’t enjoy it, she said.

The audience booed until Vergara said, «But I loved it!»

She then pressed the golden buzzer, which sent Herrod into the live performances. As gold confetti rained down on Herrod, Vergara approached the stage to congratulate him, stating she «just had to» and that he deserved it.

She returned to the stage, where Cowell informed her that he had fallen for her act and had mistakenly assumed she didn’t enjoy the performance.

«I assumed you didn’t like him because you weren’t standing up.» «I thought you despised it,» Cowell informed her. That was fantastic, incredible.

In an interview, Vergara gushed about Herrod’s outstanding audition.

«Jimmie’s performance blew me away because it was so powerful.» It was simply fantastic! «His voice, his presence, and the song,» she explained. «I knew in my heart that I had to press the Golden Buzzer.» He deserved it, and his performance was outstanding!

Herrod served as an adjunct voice lecturer for a jazz school after getting his music degree. Herrod, a seasoned musician, began traveling with Pink Martini in 2017. Exodus, his first single with the band, was recorded in 2018.

He has a long history of involvement in the performing arts, having taken on the roles of Extraordinary Girl in “American Idiot,” as well as the Queen of the Underworld in “The Ballad of Ishtar.” In “Sweeney Todd,” Herrod also portrayed the Beggar Woman, which he calls his “favorite character to date.”

Herrod has been sharing original songs and song covers on social media since before he joined the AGT. So, if his “Tomorrow” performance made you want to see more of his talent, you may listen to his songs on Instagram.

For the sake of his followers, he has continued to publish his masterpieces on the site throughout the pandemic.

To advance in the AGT audition process, a contestant must receive “yes” votes from at least three of the four judges. Any act that receives two or more buzzes from the judges is instantly eliminated from the competition.

The host, Terry Crews, has one chance to press the golden buzzer. Other than Herrod, the fortunate individuals who have so far this season received the golden buzzer include Nightbirde (Cowell), Northwell Nurse Choir (Mandel), and World Taekwondo (Crews).

Watch Jimmie Herrod’s emotional performance of «Tomorrow» in the video below.

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