When an 8-year-old boy opens the classroom door and discovers his teacher’s plan, he begins crying.

It’s easy to overlook what we have and forget to appreciate the benefits we have when we’re young.

Most children find it difficult to comprehend the fact that others do not have the same opportunities. Some families may struggle to afford new toys, clothing, and even groceries.

Simply put, not all young boys and girls have an equal opportunity to experience childhood. No youngster should ever feel less privileged than another in an ideal world.

Regrettably, we do not live in such an ideal world.

Angel entered the room, absolutely taken aback, to see everyone singing Happy Birthday to him. Overwhelmed with emotion, he couldn’t hold back tears of joy—a memory that will certainly last a lifetime.

Fortunately, Angel’s emotional reaction to his classmates’ spontaneous birthday celebration was captured on tape, allowing online visitors to witness his heartfelt surprise.

See the touching scene in the video below:

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