Alec and Hilaria Baldwin gave their 7th child a name, which means happy in all languages

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin, congratulations! Hilaria posted on Instagram this week that the couple had a baby girl. Surprisingly, they didn’t name their daughter, their eighth child together, after any random female. Hilaria posted a video of herself holding her new baby on September 28. She wrote a letter to go along with the video to explain why her daughter’s name is Ilaria Catalina Irena.

«To Ilaria, «Tonight you will be 6 days old, and if you ever read this, I want you to know how grateful we are that you came into our lives,» Hilaria wrote before discussing the name parallels between her and her daughter. «Our names mean «happy,» and I consider it a pleasure to have this bond with you.»

Hilaria did not comment on the significance of Ilaria’s middle names, Catalina and Irena. However, Catalina is a variant of Catherine, which might be a tribute to Hilaria’s mother, Kathryn Hayward. The name Irena appears to have been inspired by Hilaria’s grandmother, Irene, according to BuzzFeed.

Although Hilaria has not verified the inspiration for Ilaria’s middle names, she has stated in her Instagram remark that her daughter’s name honors the key women in their family. Hilaria wrote to her baby, «I named you in honor of happiness and the moms in our family who came before you.» «In all languages, our name means’ happy.’ A few letters changed here and there…same meaning. »

Hilaria concluded her message by encouraging her daughter to focus on the positive. «Hija ma,» she added, «sometimes we have to lean towards happiness, select the nice and supporting individuals since there are so many, and tone down the negative to absorb as little of it as possible.» «May we live happily ever after, Ilaria, and may our names serve as a powerful, feminist reminder.» «I will always adore you.»


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Hilaria and Alec published the first family portrait with Ilaria and her siblings a few days later, on October 3. «This is our first photo with the tiniest Baldwins!» Hilaria captioned the family snapshot, «What a Baldwinito dream squad.» She also praised Alec’s oldest child, Ireland, whose mother is Baldwin’s ex-wife, Kim Basinger. «Ireland, you will be missed and adored,» Hilaria said.

Hilaria and Alec, congratulations on growing your family.

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