She got 50 procedures to look like Angelina Jolie. Here’s how she looked before

According to reports, a 19-year-old Iranian woman underwent 50 face reconstruction surgeries in order to resemble actress Angelina Jolie. It is thought that she lost more than 80 pounds because of the operations and treatment.

Her name is Sabar Tahar, and it is unknown why she chose to do this. According to several accounts, she is 22 years old, while others believe she is 29 years old.

It was eventually revealed that the woman had manipulated the images in order to seek social media attention, and she was sentenced to ten years in prison for doing so.

If you’re interested in seeing the transformation photographs, they’re available below:

1. She appears absolutely normal at first glance. You wouldn’t expect her to be any different than any other typical female.

2-Even without make-up. She appeared to be ordinary. Continue reading to discover what she looks like in the end.

3.However, she begins to have work done on her nose, and things begin to look and presumably feel different for her. She starts to feel something on her nose.

4-Another procedure on her nose to improve her appearance. All of this employment is putting a significant burden on her finances.

5.Things start to go south at this point, as she begins to lose a lot of weight. She’s almost down to 90 pounds.

6.She continues to shrink, and others are becoming concerned about her appearance.

7.She then chose to get surgery to make her lips larger.

8.Then her cheekbones and jawbone. (To be honest, this looks like a Halloween outfit) and shows her virtually at her worst. However, things are about to become considerably worse.

9.She has days when she appears entirely normal as if she had never had surgery.

10.However, her good days are overwhelmed by her bad days. Her dog didn’t even recognize her.

11. Her eyes became exceedingly frightening, and many people were terrified to look at her on the street.

12.She appeared to be a possessed woman from a movie, and even her cat was concerned.

13. Continue going through her photos.

14. And then you’ll see…

15. The final result…

This is a photo of her before she had any surgery.

It’s really different from how she seems here! Do you have the same opinion?

First, Tabar was charged with blasphemy, inciting violence, getting money in an unethical way, and encouraging teens to get involved in corruption.

She stated that she had been exonerated of two of the four counts brought against her, but declined to elaborate since she was still hoping for a pardon. Her confession was broadcast on Iranian official television in late October of last year. Her profession of regret elicited a lot of compassion.

According to the report, Tabar was characterized as a «victim with an unstable mentality and mental state» who sought «vulgarity» on social media. Medical records also indicated that she suffered from a mental ailment and had previously visited psychiatric facilities, making the 10-year sentence even more puzzling. Her attorneys had requested that she be released on bond, citing her age at the time she committed the alleged crimes.

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