MAGA threw a beer at a comedian. Her reaction will shock you

Last weekend, comedian Ariel Elias got a lot of attention for her handling of a pro-Trump heckler at her act at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

Elias opted to do some audience work during her act, opening it up for a Q&A. This is when a woman from a loud group in the back raised her voice and asked Ariel a surprising question: «Did you vote for Donald Trump?»

As you can see in the video, things quickly turned awkward following the political question, and Elias says, «Why would you ask me that knowing I’m the only Jew here?» Are you attempting to shoot me? »

The conversation continued. «So you voted for Biden?» exclaims the lady.

«I dunno,» Elias says. What difference does it make? »

«Yes, you did!» says the heckler. «I could tell from your jokes that you voted for Biden.»

«I can tell you voted for Trump because you’re still talking when no one wants you to,» Elias responds, bringing laughs and shouts from the audience.

The woman then claims that the club owner told her to stop talking, to which Elias responds by urging the audience to make some noise if they want the heckler to stop, to which the audience responds by erupting in laughter.

As Elias began to read her prepared material, a beer can was hurled at her, just missing her and striking the brick wall behind her.

«Oh my gosh!», «You can’t do that!» and «Are you fucking kidding me?» are heard from the audience.

In disbelief, Aerial chugged the drink that had been tossed, which was received with loud roaring and an ovation from the audience.

The video of Elias dealing with a crazy heckler has been watched millions of times on social media since Monday.

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