The audience was wowed when a little boy asked his mother to sing with him

The connection between a mother and her kid is unparalleled. There’s no way of knowing what it’s like to see your son or daughter grow and become the person that they become until you’re a mother yourself.

There isn’t a dry eye in the house when this mother-son combination approaches the X Factor stage.

Mel and Jamie have only been singing together for a few weeks, yet as the song begins, everyone is immediately captivated.

Jamie had planned to tackle the big stage on his own, but as the night came, he realized he didn’t have what it took. So he asked his mum if she would sing some harmonies with him.

Mel, his 44-year-old mother, was ready to offer her assistance. She’s a professional vocalist, so the selection was easy!
This performance is particularly wonderful because it demonstrates how close these two are to one another. Mel’s gaze on her little son is filled with love and admiration for him as a person and musician. While she is there to back him completely, she does not want to overshadow him in any way. You’d think that, as a professional singer, she’d be able to overpower him with her voice, but she doesn’t. That’s when a smart musician knows when to back off and mix in the harmonies for the purpose of the overall sound.

A Great Big World’s «Say Something» is already a poignant and lovely song, but this mother-son version adds a whole new degree of emotion to it. When the camera pans to the audience, you can see how much of an impact this performance had on everyone who was fortunate enough to watch it live.

Clearly, this performance has struck a chord with many of its audience members, who recall emotional moments with their own moms or family members. One reviewer said, «What a strong, lovely mother… so much love,» another said. She is his rock… and the music is divine! »

Another person stated,

«He was remarkably advanced for his age.» So much zeal… incredible.And Simon was correct: Mom praised his voice superbly. »

Both of these observations are correct! Jamie and his mother both have wonderful voices. They are not just technically excellent, but the emotions they bring to the performance are wonderful. There is no denying it! Simon was enthralled.

Have you ever witnessed anything like this before? It’s a lot of fun to see. It really brightens your day!
I can’t wait to see what these two accomplish next, especially because they’ll be more and more sensitive to what it’s like to sing with one another with each passing week. It can only get better from here!

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