Teenager dances crazily while belting out a James Brown hit to wow the judges

There are some acts on America’s Got Talent that you will never forget.

Courtney Hadwin is one of those performers, and she’s just 14!

The 14-year-old made headlines after impressing the judges on America’s Got Talent. Howie Mandel compared her to a youthful Janis Joplin!

Howie, understandably, banged his Golden Buzzer for Courtney, catapulting her into the live performance. That meant she could bypass the Judges Cut episodes and go straight to Hollywood.

We’ve finally had another chance to watch Courtney perform, and she has utterly blown us all away again.

Courtney is quite bashful, so her talent is absolutely astonishing. When she isn’t performing, it is clear in her movements. Courtney, on the other hand, fully transforms when she begins to sing.

Courtney chose to embody the King of Soul for her second appearance on America’s Got Talent. She opted to perform James Brown’s «Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag.»

Her performance began in an instant, with a loud cry that demanded the audience’s complete attention.

Courtney stole the performance and controlled the stage with her movements. Her motions were a little strange, but they were ideal for her presentation style.

All four judges were on their feet and shouting when Courtney ended her stunning version of «Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag.»

Simon Cowell got up from his chair and ran over to Howie to give him a hug, probably because he thought Howie made the right choice when he gave the Golden Buzzer to Courtney.

Heidi Klum began her comments by saying:

«I haven’t been this enthralled by a new artist in a long time.» You are obviously in a class of your own. I like the way you dance and the way you sound. I adore you; I believe you are a really exceptional young girl. »

Mel B stated that Courtney is just 14 years old and then went on to say how many people have mocked her dancing style. Courtney said, «Not a lot of people get me.»

All of the judges, however, were eager to notify her that they had her!

Simon was at a loss for what to say to Courtney. He advised her not to heed what others thought and to do precisely what she had just done since it was great.

The video was shared on America’s Got Talent’s Facebook page, where it received thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

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