VIDEO: When a little girl sees her newborn cousin for the first time, she can’t control her emotions…

It is one of the sweetest and most touching scenes we have ever seen when a little girl finally gets to meet and cuddle her newborn cousin for the first time. She starts by gently kissing the newborn, and then her eyes start to well up with tears. This little girl is very kind and caring; one day she’s going to be a wonderful mother.

When she saw her new newborn cousin for the very first time, a little girl couldn’t help but become emotional and couldn’t stop the tears from falling down her face.

The little child can be seen in the video sitting on a couch in a sitting room. The video was recorded in Simi Valley, California, in the US.

The girl was about to meet her new cousin, who was in the arms of a woman sitting next to her, so two pillows were put on her lap in preparation.

The baby, who cried a little bit because she was being moved, was then put on her cousin’s lap. As she held the baby, the little girl kissed the baby on the head and rubbed her nose with hers.

The little girl stared in astonishment as her new cousin yawned, scrunched her eyes, and smiled a bit in her lap. But the overjoyed toddler just smiled at the baby as they settled back down and fell asleep.

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