The dogs who have been trained to save lives. A fantastic video

Poncho is a cute and well-trained dog with a blue police flashing light. The Poncho trainer pretends to faint and «falls» to the floor on the carpet.

An astute dog approaches the officer and immediately jumps up and down, pressing his paws to his chest and performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Poncho then appears to be looking for signs of breathing or a pulse while wagging his tail at 160 km/h. He grips the officer and places his muzzle around his neck. Poncho happily jumps on the «rescued» when the officer finally gets up.

The video was shared on Twitter by the Madrid Municipal Police Department, along with a quote from Josh Billings, a famous nineteenth-century comedian. «A dog is the only creature on the planet who loves you more than you love yourself.»

Poncho’s outstanding performance in his duties reminds us that CPR can triple a patient’s chances of survival. This lovely dog possesses additional abilities. He knows a lot of commands, understands over a hundred words, and is a fantastic detective.

Poncho also loves the little ones very much and gets along well with them. This is a wonderful dog that has become the favorite of all police officers from the first days of his birth. We are sure that Poncho has saved more than one person!

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