On his birthday, Post Malone exhibited generosity by meeting a fan with Autism…

Rapper Post Malone has won the hearts of many people online after a video of him meeting a girl fan with autism on his birthday went viral. m Post Malone met Andrew Schumacher at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, where he was celebrating his 21st birthday with his family and friends.

Because a table next to Andrew had sent him a bottle of sake, the rapper walked over to thank the group. As he was ready to return to his desk, Andrew’s mother, Nicole Schumacher, approached him and informed him that her son was a big fan and wanted to meet him. Post Malone, who is known for his generosity and genuine engagement with fans, was delighted to visit their table.

Nicole, 26, can be seen shaking hands with Andrew in a video published by Nicole on Instagram and TikTok that has since gone viral. «I’m Austin, pleased to meet you,» introduced Post Malone, whose true name is Austin Richard Post. Nicole then informed him that Andrew was turning 21 and was experiencing his first taste of beer.

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