Watch This Grandmother at McDonald’s Receive an Unforgettable Surprise From… But wait until you see what happened next…

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This year, a man in Idaho is acting as a real-life Secret Santa by donating more than $500,000 to people in the community who deserve a little extra thoughtfulness during the holiday season.

Because the person who is donating more than $500,000 to others prefers to remain anonymous, the East Idaho News staff has been assisting in the distribution of the gifts that he has donated.

The following is the story of the lady who made it to the top of Santa’s «nice» list:

Diana Boldman, the concerned grandparent, is 65 years old. Every day, she and her husband, Cameron, get up at an ungodly hour to deliver newspapers throughout the city of Idaho Falls, where they live.

In order to complete the journey, they must travel through a significant portion of the city in a van that has already accumulated approximately 240,000 miles of mileage.

Diana then goes to McDonald’s, where she works a full-time job, after finishing her shift at the newspaper delivery route.

Her goal is to be able to retire in a few years, but in the meantime, she needs to work because Cameron is on disability and Diana is responsible for making ends meet for the two of them.

When Idaho’s Secret Santa learned about this couple’s predicament, he had no trouble deciding which Christmas gifts would be most appropriate for them to receive.

View the video…

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