Brian Dietzsen, star of NCIS, has shared some concerning health news…

Brian Dietzen began his acting career in the early 2000s, and it didn’t take long for him to get his biggest role: Jimmy Palmer on NCIS.

Dietzsen has appeared in almost 330 episodes of the popular television show, and there will definitely be more. In addition to performing, the Barrington, Illinois native has produced and directed a number of episodes. But, as Brian rose to fame, he was also coping with some major health issues.

So, how did Brian obtain his job on NCIS? What about his personal life? Everything you need to know about him is right here!

Acting appears to be a fantastic career on paper. You get to work with highly creative people, take on a range of duties, and experience the thrill of being on set, sometimes all over the world. Simply said, actors get to play people from all walks of life, including those they may have imagined themselves as as youngsters.

Of course, we’re all aware of how difficult the acting business can be. Successful people, like those in any other line of work, must put in a lot of effort to achieve their goals.

more difficult than most of the time. It can take years, if not decades, to get the job you actually desire in the entertainment industry.

Naturally, this has less to do with an actor’s abilities and more to do with them being in the right place at the right time.

Others, on the other hand, may find their dream job sooner rather than later. Just ask Brian Dietzen, who earned the most crucial project of his career after only a few years in the field.

Dietzen has played Jimmy Palmer, the medical examiner’s assistant, since 2003. Despite having a significant health problem that could have ended everything, he is still going strong today.

Here’s everything you need to know about the well-known NCIS actor.

Brian Dietzen was born in Barrington, Illinois on November 14, 1977. He was a tiny child when he decided he wanted to be an actor when he grew up.

Dietzen’s father told him to «find something you love, and then figure out how to be compensated for it.»

Dietzen took part in school plays when she was in primary school. He began acting in Christmas plays in second grade, and his interest grew until high school. It was clear that Brian had discovered his true mission in life.

Dietzen also sung in a few punk rock bands during his high school and college years. He later studied acting at the University of Colorado Boulder. After getting a BFA in acting and beginning to perform with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, I was awarded the UROP grant for Outstanding Achievements in the Creative Arts.

Brian Dietzen acquired a love for writing as well as performing.

It carries acting into the future in a way. It progresses while constructing a narrative and communicating some form of artistic concept. Brian Dietzen admitted, «I loved reading scripts even when I was at CU Boulder for my undergraduate degree.»

«I enjoyed learning about the masters, the classics, and other such things.» And after I arrived here, my friend Abby Miller and I began working on a feature musical together.

We quickly realized that producing that feature would cost millions of dollars, so we decided to try our hand at writing something on a much more manageable issue, and we came up with Congratulations, he went on to say.

Before its 2012 release, Congratulations was selected by over a dozen film festivals. It was also named Best Feature by New Filmmakers and the United Film Festival. Dietzen, on the other hand, had already established himself as a major star on another show by that point.

Dietzen’s position as a drummer in the television series My Guide to Becoming a Rockstar provided him his first substantial break after relocating to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the show was canceled, and Dietzen went on to co-star with Kelly Clarkson in the 2003 film From Justin to Kelly.

Brian, like many other performers in their early years, generally obtained supporting or minor roles in inferior plays.

Then, in 2004, a cameo turned into his most significant performance to date. Brian portrayed Jimmy Palmer, a medical examiner’s assistant, on the hit television show NCIS. His close colleague was David McCallum, who plays Donald Mallard on the show.

Dietzen, as we now know, was scheduled to appear in more than one episode. Despite the fact that he has been on the program for a long time, he claims that his first day on set was one of his favorite memories.

«My first scene here is one of the most significant and memorable days of my life.» «And one day, I was hired for a single scene with David McCallum,» he recounted.

«And I went in there, nervously working on a tape recorder, and we had a good meaty scene with David.» We had a lot of fun playing together.
«It was a lot of fun,» he stated.I also recall thinking that this would be great for my reel. Goodbye. Fortunately, they accepted me back, and I am still working here, which is amazing, but that was one of my most memorable times.

Dietzen has no intention of returning after appearing in an NCIS episode. The actor had been hired to appear as a guest, but it didn’t take long for them to invite him back for more.

This could be attributed in part to his approach to the NCIS project. Dietzen revealed in a 2014 interview with journalist Paul Semel that he made some «very risky» selections for his audition that paid nicely.

They had so much fun with it that they stuck with it for ten years. If it had been for a major role, I would have had to audition for the network, and I’m sure I would have chosen differently. And I doubt I would have been hired,» Brian said.

Dietzen ended up being tapped for an increasing number of episodes. Naturally, being a part of a popular television show and recording every episode meant forfeiting the chance to work on other endeavors.

But Brian never turned around. He thought he had ultimately made the proper decision.

Although it is a fantastic employment opportunity, the more time you devote to one show, the less time you have for other activities. So that way of thinking undoubtedly influences it, he continued.

But it was a no-brainer because of how much I enjoy working on this show, with this cast, the writers, and the crew.

Eight years after making his television debut on NCIS, in 2012, Brian was elevated to series regular. NCIS was entering its tenth season at the time, and at that point, it had established itself as one of the most popular shows on television.

In fact, millions of people watch NCIS every week, making it one of the most popular shows in the world.

With multiple CBS spin-offs, including NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS: Los Angeles, and NCIS: Hawaii, it is currently licensed in more than 200 nations.

Throughout its history, the show has received three Primetime Emmy nominations and countless other distinctions.
Dietzen has recently appeared in guest roles with superstars such as Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette, and Sean Murray, in addition to David McCallum. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dietzen has a personal net worth of over $2 million.

Most importantly, Brian Dietzen will be able to relax after signing a large contract for the show. He will also appear in the opening credits, much to the joy of long-time NCIS viewers.

«I’m quite excited,» Dietzen told Entertainment Weekly at the time.

«I secured a deal with CBS after eight years on the show, and I couldn’t be happier… «I’m safe, as far as I know, and a contract is a nice way to imply that,» the actor remarked.

Working on a television show on a daily basis must become tedious after a while. Despite this, Dietzen maintains his enthusiasm despite appearing in almost 330 episodes of NCIS.

‘I enjoy going to work,’ says the employee. «I’m ready to go,» Jimmy Palmer says, «and I’m excited to be here.» Of course, everyone has bad days. It’s not a Christmas story. In 2019, he noted, «It’s about hope and self-satisfaction.»

Despite his success with NCIS, Dietzen has since suffered with health concerns. Dietzen had a stroke just months before the COVID-19 outbreak, which changed his life forever.

«The Apple Watch saved my life,» the following remark may sound like advertising, but it isn’t. «Oh sh*t, I can’t use my fingers,» Brian Dietzen recalled in an interview with Variety as he pulled out his phone while puking on the bathroom floor.

«So I instructed Siri to contact Kelly, and then I dialed my wife’s number.» «I need help,» I exclaimed. She said, «You sound like you have marbles in your mouth.»

Brian was able to phone 911 using his voice command and was then escorted directly to the hospital. In the MRI tube, he analyzed his life.

«I don’t believe there is much that I have neglected because everyone I love is aware of my love for them,» and other similar sentiments. But then I was like, «Whoa, no, I can’t start thinking that way,» so I instantly tried to refocus my thoughts, said Brian.

And I could tell something was going on in my head, but then I was able to move my hands and start moving my tongue. I started coming up with tongue twisters. They say, «Please remain still.» However, the brain clot vanished. And I considered myself quite fortunate to have had good cardiovascular and overall health.

After achieving stability, Dietzen was transferred to UCLA for a test, which discovered a hole between his atrial chambers that needed to be closed. He got surgery right away. The NCIS actor watched the entire surgery on an overhead screen so that he could see how they closed up the hole in his heart because doctors told him it would be dangerous for him to take any anesthesia.

He was fortunate to survive and return to work. The most important thing was that he was reunited with his wife, Kelly, and their two children.

«Over the next six months, as everyone—including myself—sat at home, I began to ask myself how I wanted to impact the world.» And which stories do I want to tell? You consider every scenario, wondering, «Should I still be on this show?» Should I deviate from my original plan? «What will make me happy?» he asked.

And I realized there’s no reason why I can’t stretch out and keep doing what I love on this thing while being surrounded by the people who have helped me and whom I love and support.

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