11-Year-Old Singing Prodigy Olivia Lynes astounds the audience and receives the Golden Buzzer on BGT

Amanda Holden has already chosen her Golden Buzzer performer for this year’s series of Britain’s Got Talent. Olivia Lynes, an 11-year-old singer, impressed the crowd and judges with her rendition of «Defying Gravity» from the musical Wicked. Olivia effortlessly poured her heart and her into the song, earning a standing ovation from the audience despite her anxiety.

Amanda ambushed Olivia and her mother at the theatre when they were purchasing tickets for Matilda The Musical. Amanda then invited Olivia to appear on Britain’s Got Talent. Olivia was thrilled to accept the offer, and her audition exceeded everyone’s, including Amanda’s, expectations.

Olivia’s performance was hailed by the judges, with Alesha Dixon remarking on how effortlessly Olivia sang and Bruno Tonioli dubbing her a «singing miracle.» Simon Cowell was especially thrilled, stating Olivia’s performance was like a movie scene and that she «blew the roof off.» With such glowing praise, it’s no surprise that Amanda pressed the Golden Buzzer, securing Olivia a spot in the semi-finals.

Amanda expressed how proud she was of Olivia’s performance and how she wasn’t expecting to use her Golden Buzzer on her. But Amanda always trusts her heart, and it clearly told her that Olivia deserved that moment. Now, Olivia is on her way to the semi-finals, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

Watch the music video here:

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