When the School Bus Driver Notices That the 8-Year-Old Is Turning Purple, She Immediately Jumps into Action

Mayrelyn Lopez, the school bus driver, swiftly sprang into action when she noticed Levi Holder, an 8-year-old, starting to turn purple. Thanks to her quick thinking, the third-grader is alive and well today!

Heroes can emerge from any background. Unfortunately, those so often referred to as heroes aren’t the least bit heroic. Instead, it seems that Hollywood actors, self-serving Washington politicians, and athletes prioritize their own interests over the welfare of others. However, there are still individuals who embody the qualities of true heroes in today’s world, like Mayrelyn Lopez.

Mayrelyn, a bus driver in Florida, has a unique perspective on the world. She is responsible for driving the children to and from school. She ensures their safe arrival at their destination. However, during one of her trips home after school, Mayrelyn unexpectedly found herself in a rather frightening situation.

In the video shared on YouTube, it is mentioned that during the first stop on her way home from school, Mayrelyn stood up from her driver’s seat to handle a situation on the bus. It was resolved swiftly, but as Mayrelyn made her way back to her seat, she couldn’t help but notice something out of the ordinary and quite unsettling.

One of the children, Levi Holder, who was only 8 years old, had turned purple. He found himself struggling to catch his breath as a piece of candy lodged in his throat. According to Fox 35, Mayrelyn acted swiftly and instinctively in that moment.

According to the school bus driver, she quickly took hold of the young man and swiftly did the Heimlich Maneuver. In a matter of moments, Mayrelyn vividly remembers how she managed to free the candy, allowing young Levi to breathe once more.

«It’s nothing to think in at the moment,» Mayrelyn said. «Just do it, what, what I have to do.»

Mayrelyn truly embodies the essence of a hero. She was fully aware of her surroundings, swiftly stepped in, and took immediate action to save a life. It’s a moment that Levi Holder and his mother will always cherish.

It’s truly inspiring to see individuals like Mayrelyn who often go unnoticed but deserve all the recognition. They have no desire for attention or to bask in the limelight. Instead, they choose to do what is morally correct.

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