Jae’lynn Chaney’s recent photo series called «Plus-Size Travel Struggles»and listed «things that plus-size travelers hate»  quickly went viral with over 15 million views

Jae’lynn Chaney is a 25-year-old TikTok content creator with over 103,000 followers. She recently published a series titled «Plus-Size Travel Struggles,» in which she highlighted «things that plus-size travelers despise.» With over 15 million views, the series immediately became viral.

Jaelynn told BuzzFeed, «I started taking pictures and writing about the problems plus-size people face when traveling because a lot of plus-size people can relate to these problems, but they are rarely talked about, especially by someone my size.»

1. Having no room to move

2. Narrow aisles and bulkhead seats

3. The tray table can’t come down

4. Seatbelt extenders

5. Tiny airplane bathrooms

6. “Worrying you’re going to break the toilet when traveling somewhere.”

7. “Not being able to find accessible path and hiking trails.”

8. “Getting patted down because you’re fat.”

9. “Tiny airport chairs with armrests.”

10. “Boat ladders, pool ladders, all ladders.”

11. “Always wondering if you’re going to fit — public transportation, airplane seats, etc.”

12. “Very limited poolside seating/lounging options for plus-size people.”

13. “Restaurants that don’t have seating options for plus-size people.”

14. Towels that don’t fit

15. “Not being able to find clothes your size anywhere.”

16. “Turnstiles and worrying you’ll get stuck.”

17. “Getting ridiculous comments about being a fat traveler.”

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