Unchained Melody sung like you’ve never heard

Wow! We’ve just finished listening to Austin Brown’s rendition of «Unchained Melody,» and it’s one of the greatest we’ve ever heard.

Not only that, but we can almost promise that his flawlessly silky vocals will elicit some strong emotions.

His voice is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Just wait until he hits those high notes!

He was a part of the a capella group Home Free, which won the 2013 season of NBC’s The Sing-Off.

However, the pandemic provided Brown with the opportunity to establish a solo career after the group’s global tour was canceled. Of course, he’d have to start online.

Brown received the motivation he required by using the crowd-funding tool Patreon, especially from Home Free’s fan following.

And just because he utilized this last year to record some solo vocals doesn’t imply the band is finished. They’re already back on stage together.

With musical accompaniment now.
Sure, Brown’s voice can hold its own, but it’s always wonderful to have some backing.

According to his official website:

«Earn It,» his debut song, featuring 808 beats and electronic beat drops, is a far cry from Home Free’s vocal-driven melody.

Though the song has a drastically different sound from what Brown’s fans are used to hearing from him, the message remains loyal to his grassroots Southern heritage. »

And, like with so many other excellent vocalists these days, the Internet provides several opportunities for musicians to get their music out to the public without being bound by a record company.

«The Wizard Behind the Curtain» 
That magician is Steven Martinez, who not only plays guitar but also works as Brown’s content producer.

So far, they’ve generated about 40 unique songs for his Patreon fanbase. However, some of his cover songs may be found on YouTube.

Brown’s website also has a membership area where you can become a Superfan and access his songs and other goodies early.

But first, listen to «Unchained Melody»—we’re not joking when we say it’s an amazing cover. While you may recognize it from the 1990 «Ghost» picture, it is much older.

The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers named «Unchained Melody» one of the twentieth century’s top 25 most-performed songs and musical compositions. While you may enjoy Elvis’ or U2’s renditions, we promise that Austin Brown’s will blow you away.

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