Moms take over the dance floor with their boys

We all enjoy a good heartwarming story.

Is there anything more touching than mothers dancing with their sons on their last day of high school?
We didn’t believe it either.

Something extraordinary happened at Conway High School’s homecoming.

Seniors look forward to Homecoming.
Homecoming is a way for high schools to remember and welcome back all of their former graduates, usually with a football game.

In addition to the welcome, the upcoming graduates are often celebrated and given awards.

To make this day particularly memorable, the seniors on the football team decided to perform a dance with their mothers!

The seniors wanted to prepare something special for the school assembly that accompanied the celebration.

Their plan? They’re dancing with their mothers!
A dance to mark her son’s graduation is as poignant as it gets for a mother who is going to witness him graduate in a few weeks.

The entire dance is well-choreographed and entertaining to watch!

The entire crowd began clapping when Queen’s song «We Will Rock You» played.
The mothers began marching out to the center of the court with their boys while they clapped.

When they got to the center of the court, they gathered and began the next segment.

After a fast music change and some crouching motions, Lip Gloss begins to play!

There’s more of a beat now for all the moms to stomp and dance to.
The senior lads hurry out with their mothers to hear the new music and even dance for a second!

A new tune begins to play after a little whirl.

The mothers exit the song, giving the boys their own individual moments.

Blanco Brown’s «Git Up» plays, and the football players try their hardest to swing around and two-step to this country dance music.
You can’t help but giggle at their hilarious antics!

Then things became serious.

As the crowd cheers and the sirens go off, the parents come out wearing blue sweatshirts that match the school colors.

The entire mom/senior group sways back and forth to the beat with a loud bass drop and a fast head nod.

The music changes often, encouraging the women and the elderly to be more creative.

You can see by the sheer volume of music that they spend hours practicing all of the tunes!
In one final round of applause, the football players hear a chant praising their school and gather in the middle.

It’s time to get pumped for the big game!

With this many moms there, you can bet there will be plenty of orange slices for the football game!

After seeing this, you can’t help but admire their commitment to creating something enjoyable together.

Is this the world’s finest dancing? Certainly not!

They just wanted to honor the school’s graduates and give their mothers a lot of attention.

See how these mothers compete against their sons in the entertaining dance below!

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