When her favorite song is played during a school ceremony, a girl lets her inner star shine

Who doesn’t like school events, especially those that include singing and dancing?

We all like seeing children perform, and their adorable dances always put a smile on our faces, brightening even the darkest of days.

Some children are more noticeable than others.

The nicest part is when there are youngsters that stand out in these performances, who steal the stage with their charm and bravery.

Sophia, 4, had an incredible performance at her preschool graduation.

The whole thing was caught on tape and put on YouTube, where it quickly went viral with over 500,000 views and hundreds of likes and comments.

In the video, we see Sophia sitting in the front row, eager to shine—which she does when her favorite song plays.

When the small girl hears the first words of «How Far I’ll Go» from the «Moana» soundtrack, she immediately jumps into character and begins acting as if she were Moana herself.

A diva on the rise
Sophia seems unconcerned about what people are doing around her; her main interest is in singing the song as well as she can, which she accomplishes admirably.

She sings and dances along with the music as if she were the only one on stage, despite the fact that there is a swarm of preschoolers all around her.

The other kids don’t appear disturbed by Sophia sticking out. However, there is a girl behind her who points at her at one point.

We’re guessing she just wanted to make sure her parents could include her in the video despite the fact that the concert was taking place right in front of her!

The lip-syncing queen keeps up the same level of intensity throughout the song, and at the end, she gives it her all.

She is just great!
Sophia’s performance was so good that Ellen DeGeneres invited her to sing on her show.

Sophia did meet Ellen for a brief interview, during which she acknowledged being «glad and pleased» that her performance had gone viral.

She also brought a little painting of Dory from Finding Nemo for Ellen, which the television hostess struggled to recognize.

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