When the judges rotated in their chairs, the small girl sobbed

Little Lara exuded confidence as she entered the stage on The Voice Kids to perform Taylor Swift’s «Shake it off.» The tiny lady, however, broke down when the judges turned in their chairs.

Fans of the series will tell you that seeing the judges press the big red button and spin is a good thing.

This eleven-year-old vocalist is from the Czech Republic, but her charm is universal. Lara in leather entered the stage, stirring up the audience for her exciting performance.

Taylor Swift wrote her song in reaction to her critics.
Swift even stated on her own YouTube channel, «I’ve learned a really hard lesson that people can say whatever they want about us at any point, and we have no control over it.» The only thing we have control over is how we reply to it.

Swift later stated in an interview with Rolling Stone, «I’ve had every aspect of my life examined-my decisions, my actions, my words, my body, my style, my music.» When you spend your life under such scrutiny, you can either let it break you or become an expert at evading punches. And you know what to do if one lands on you. And I suppose the only way for me to cope with it is to shrug it off. »

It’s such a great dance-pop tune that you’d bounce your head along to the music even if you couldn’t relate to the lyrics.

Little Lara definitely doesn’t need the song’s message in her life just yet, but with so much confidence, the haters and keyboard warriors will find a way to get to her.

She only needs to shrug them off. Furthermore, the judges wobbled in their chairs!

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