VIDEO: Have you ever seen horses snoring? Owner records horses sleeping and farting in peace in the barn…

We all know that animals do some crazy things. We often watch videos of dogs and cats doing strange but adorable things. But it doesn’t just happen with these two well-liked pets that people keep as pets.

These are also funny things that other animals do. We might not have seen as many of these because we don’t see them as often. But when we see how crazy they really are, we can’t help but laugh.

This video of horses sleeping went viral not because of how they sleep, but because of the sounds they make when they do. People went crazy and made a lot of puns and jokes about these cute animals.

You might think that horses sleep like other animals do, by lying down for long periods of time. But, no. You won’t believe how.

Horses are neither active during the day nor at night, and they don’t sleep for six to eight hours like people do. They sleep when they need to, which could be at any time of day and usually only for a short time.

Another interesting thing about how horses sleep is that they would rather stand than lie down. Their legs are made so that they can hold all of their weight while they sleep. If they lie on the ground, it can sometimes hurt their organs. Even more so, lying down while sleeping is a big deal for them because they only do it when they trust you.

Liz Mitten Ryan, who is an author, an artist, and an animal communicator, recently shared a video of her horses resting peacefully. Because they trusted Liz, several of them were lying down on the ground and enjoying the warm hay. However, it is not the reason why this video has been watched over 23 million times.

The video showed that while they were sleeping, her horses were making strange and hilarious noises. Some of them were snoring, which is something you would expect to hear from anyone who was sleeping. Others groaned and even farted while they were sleeping. It was the farting sound that had everyone in the comments section laughing and joking about with each other.

As it turned out, this video spoke to a lot of people. Who doesn’t snore and fart in their sleep? People made all kinds of funny comments about this video, saying that the horses were just being horses.

Some people said the horses reminded them of themselves when they got home from work, while others said the video made them think of staying with their grandparents. Some people just thought it was funny when animals did it.

According to experts, there are eight common sounds that horses make. These are neigh, snort, squeal, nicker, roar, scream, sigh, and groan.

Groaning is a sound that horses often make. Farting and snoring are less common, but not impossible. That’s what this video showed.

Watch the whole video below and send it to family and friends who might need a good laugh.

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