Friends and Neighbors Harvest More Than 500 Acres of Corn After Beloved Farmer Sadly Passes Away

Throughout our journey, we are sometimes blessed with the opportunity to encounter individuals who truly become family to us.

These individuals are the ones you can count on during challenging times, as they offer unwavering love and support.

In June, Duane Struck, who was affectionately known as Buck, sadly passed away, leaving behind his 500-acre farm with no one to look after it. Luckily, during his lifetime, Buck formed many wonderful friendships. When the time for harvest arrived, Buck’s friends and neighbors generously joined forces to gather over 500 acres of corn.

«Today, we are harvesting a little over 500 acres of corn for him.» According to friend Jeff Kapperman, there are about 14 combines, along with a similar number of trucks and grain carts, out in the field combining for him today.

Meet Butch, a true South Dakota native who spent most of his life working on a farm. Only once did he take a break from the farm life, and that was to embark on a 30-year journey of running an oil company alongside his wife Bonnie.

The couple eventually relocated their family to the farm, where Butch’s passion for farming flourished.

Butch had quite the reputation in the neighborhood. He had served as the mayor of Humboldt, sat on the township board, and dedicated his time as a volunteer firefighter.

The news of Butch’s passing came as a shock to numerous individuals within his community. It’s truly surprising that the elderly farmer won’t be there to reap the crops he diligently planted earlier this year. When harvest time arrived at Butch’s farm, a multitude of farmers eagerly arrived, fully equipped and ready to lend a hand.

Butch was a beloved friend to everyone. Butch was always ready to lend a helping hand, without any hesitation. «He showed up,» Kapperman said.

“He was my best friend and more than once when I was having difficulty or had some problems of my own Duane showed up to help me so he just. We used to have conversations almost every day, so it was truly devastating when he passed away. However, we all hold onto the hope that he has found comfort in a better place.

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