Man Saves Puppies But Realizes His Big Mistake Shortly After

It’s hard to imagine anyone’s reaction when they stumble upon a litter of five adorable puppies in their own backyard. And that’s exactly what Craig Mcgettrick has also experienced.

While working in a garden in England, he and his friend stumbled upon an unexpected discovery — an old mattress. When they decided to remove the mattress, little did they know what awaited them underneath.

Imagine his surprise when he discovered five adorable puppies nestled under the mattress.

Once Craig stumbled upon the adorable puppies, he wasted no time reaching out to a nearby animal shelter and sharing some heartwarming snapshots on Facebook. His goal? To lend a helping hand in finding these precious pups a loving forever home.

However, within a few hours, he would discover a remarkable revelation about the adorable puppies, completely altering the course of events…

It felt just like any other day in 2017. Craig was doing his part to clean up the neighborhood. During the cleaning process, they stumbled upon something completely unexpected!

Hidden beneath a mattress, Craig stumbled upon a litter of adorable creatures that appeared to be either tiny puppies or perhaps even kittens.

«Those were likely the only two options I was aware of,» Mcgettrick said. He further explained, «We believed that someone had intentionally left them there, knowing that we were responsible for waste removal.»

Craig made the choice to bring along the five little animals. He reached out to a nearby animal shelter and requested their assistance in caring for the little ones. Prior to giving them to the shelter, Craig shared adorable pictures of the little ‘pups’ on Facebook, in the hopes of finding them a new owner.

The photos quickly gained popularity and eventually caught the attention of Martin Hemmington, the founder of the National Fox Welfare Society.

Upon laying eyes on the pictures, he wasted no time in reaching for his phone and dialing Craig’s number. However, his intentions for wanting the puppies were not driven by a desire to adopt them.

«We received a message from a kind woman named Beccie on our Facebook Page. Beccie had sent us some photos, asking about the adorable creatures in them, wondering if they were fox cubs,» Hemmington shared in a heartfelt Facebook post. «We definitely confirmed that they were.» According to Beccie, they were mistakenly brought to a rescue center in Liverpool, being mistaken for puppies.

Craig’s initial assumption of puppies quickly turned into a delightful surprise as he discovered five adorable fox cubs.

According to Paul McDonald, a local rescuer known as The Fox Man, fox cubs can often be mistaken for dog puppies due to their initial appearance.

Martin Hemmington contacted Paul to ensure that the adorable fox cubs were feeling a bit peckish, prompting them to emit little cries in search of their mother.

Paul later returned the fox cubs to the exact spot where Craig had discovered them, handling them with great care.

Shortly after, a fox came into view, making its way towards the cubs. Their mother was overjoyed to have her precious little ones back.

«Vixens often leave their cubs while they are in the den. As the cubs grow older, they naturally start to venture out and become less reliant on their mother,» Paul McDonald,

Big thanks to Craig, Beccie, Martin, and all the amazing individuals who generously shared thephotos. Thanks to their efforts, the mother fox was joyfully reunited with her precious cubs. That’s fantastic!

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