Pierce Brosnan, 70, Finds ‘Joy’ in Being a Grandpa of 4. Where Does the Family Live Now and What They Are up To—What We Know

Many of us are familiar with Pierce Brosnan’s iconic role as James Bond, the sophisticated secret agent who captivates audiences with his charm and embarks on thrilling adventures in stunning destinations. Although Brosnan’s portrayal of the British secret service agent is still considered iconic, his real-life persona is quite totally different…

Brosnan is truly committed to his role as a husband, father, and grandfather in his personal life!

It’s no wonder that Pierce Brosnan has been crowned «The Sexiest Man Alive» — he has a massive fan base that spans the entire globe. However, the actor only has eyes for one woman: his wife Keely Shaye Smith.

The couple crossed paths at a lively gathering in 1994 in the vibrant setting of Cabo San Lucas. They immediately formed a strong connection. Brosnan fondly remembers, «No matter where I traveled, I longed for her presence, and I would send her tickets to join me, so that we could be united. We just seemed to fit.”

After seven years of being together, the couple finally tied the knot in the stunning setting of Ballintubber Abbey in County Mayo, Ireland. Only family members and their closest friends attended the event.

They have two sons together, but share more children through Brosnan’s first marriage to Cassandra Harris. Harris unfortunately lost her battle with ovarian cancer in 1991.

Brosnan also welcomed Cassandra Harris’ two children from her previous marriage, Charlotte and Christopher, into his family.

In 2013, Charlotte sadly lost her life after bravely battling Ovarian cancer. This deeply affected the family once more, following the previous loss of Cassandra and Charlotte’s grandmother to cancer.

However, the family remained united and provided unwavering support to one another during this devastating ordeal.

People who are familiar with Brosnan and his wife often comment on their undeniable chemistry and affectionate behavior. They still steal kisses and display the love of a newlywed couple.

The couple is absolutely smitten with each other and has no reservations about showing their affection in public. In a touching tribute, Brosnan took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message on the occasion of their 25th anniversary.

He says that his wife Keely is the reason he is a well-rounded person and a loving family guy.

When Brosnan was growing up, his father was often absent, which had a significant impact on his early experiences. His lack of a strong family system made it difficult for him. Now that he has a family of his own, he has come to appreciate the significance of family and ensures that his loved ones are aware of how much they matter to him.

He has a strong sense of protectiveness when it comes to his family. When his wife Keely Shaye Smith faced hurtful comments about her weight from online trolls, Brosnan wasted no time in shutting them down. In response to a page that made a comparison between his wife’s previous and current appearances, Brosnan swiftly got rid of the article and publicly expressed his love for his wife, calling her «the most beautiful woman.»

Brosnan recently welcomed the joyous role of being a grandfather, thanks to his children from his first marriage. Both of Brosnan’s adopted children from her previous marriage have now become parents. Charlotte and Sean Brosnan have recently welcomed a new addition to their family, making the James Bond actor a proud grandfather.

The actor is blessed with three adorable grandchildren named Isabella, Lucas, and Marley. He absolutely loves all three of them and has mentioned that they have a way of melting his heart. During an appearance on «Live With Kelly and Ryan» in April 2017, he shared his heartwarming journey as a grandfather. He expressed his immense joy and the intoxicating beauty of being a grandparent. There’s just something incredibly unique about it.

He enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones. Brosnan purchased a secluded home in Hawaii to enjoy quality time with his family away from prying eyes.

The actor has indulged himself with his art. In the beginning of this year, he let people see some of his studio and work, which made a big fuss because the work was really good.

Their home sits on a sprawling five-acre plot of land, nestled in a picturesque oceanfront strip in the stunning island of Kauai, Hawaii. The family purchased the home in 2002 and has been splitting their time between there and their other luxurious residence in Malibu, California.

During the pandemic, the family embraced the beauty of Hawaii and sought out activities that allowed them to fully immerse themselves in nature.

There were rumors swirling about the actor potentially choosing Hawaii as his main residence, particularly after putting his luxurious Malibu mansion up for sale. However, once he decided to sell the mansion, he quickly changed his mind and had it taken off the market.

The actor has been pursuing his craft on stage and screen, while maintaining a preference for a more private personal life. Our warmest wishes go out to the Brosnan family.

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