Theo the Bulldog Is Obsessed with Bowls — And He’s About to Open a Huge Package Filled with Them

Dogs absolutely love playing with chew toys, balls, or stuffed animals! But according to this pup, they don’t even come close to being as fun as his absolute favorite thing!

Say hello to Theo, the bulldog who has a strange but cute obsession with metal dishes. Theo has a unique fascination with the bowls, unlike other dogs who are more focused on what’s inside them.

Once Andrew Stout brought Theo home, it became apparent that the puppy had a strong obsession with metal bowls. Whether they were big or small, it didn’t matter to him — he just had to have them! Throughout the years, his enthusiasm has continued to flourish.

«He sleeps with them,» Andrew said. He enjoys spending time with them. He gnaws on them. He is incredibly involved with them.»

Theo becomes quite upset if there isn’t a bowl nearby at all times, as he absolutely adores them. Andrew carefully positioned them all around the house, yard, and even the pool to ensure his happiness.

These days, Andrew has accumulated nearly 50 bowls, and it seems like their collection will only continue to grow!

It’s interesting to speculate why Theo has a preference for bowls, but Andrew believes they provide him with a unique sense of comfort. It’s quite amusing how he falls asleep with them still in his mouth!

«It’s almost akin to a pacifier. Just like a security blanket,» Andrew added. «I believe he finds a sense of comfort whenever he has one in his possession or when he’s holding onto one.»

His furry sibling Rosie might not grasp the fascination either, but that simply means more bowls for Theo!

This dog has a clear sense of his preferences. We fully support having multiple bowls if it brings him joy!

Check out the video below to see more of Theo and his beloved toys. Don’t forget to share this heartwarming story with fellow animal enthusiasts to brighten their day.

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