Singing Bird Goes Viral for Hilariously Keeping Owner Up at 7 a.m. with Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘September’

Kiki the cockatiel has become an online sensation due to her irresistible passion for music.

Kiki’s owner recently posted a video on social media, capturing the delightful moment when their feathered friend serenaded them with a spirited rendition of «September» by Earth, Wind & Fire, brightening up their morning.

Surprised by the sudden wake-up call, she hastily recorded a video and playfully asked, «Can someone please help me find the off button on this parrot?»

@kiki.tiel Send help plz wheres the off button on parrot #fyp #foryou #bird #cockatiel #parrotsoftiktok #birdsoftiktok ♬ original sound — ✨ Kiki the cockatiel✨

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