Here’s how the boss reacts when a mother brings her infant to the workplace

Adhering to the demands of your job obligations while raising a baby is, without a question, the most difficult stage of a parent’s life.

And it’s much more difficult when you know there’s no one at home to look after the baby while you’re at work.

Working mothers usually have more problems than other people because they have to take care of their kids and do their jobs.

Melody Jett Blackwell of Tennessee, on the other hand, is one lucky mother! We are fortunate to have a job where mothers may bring their babies to work.

Melody’s supervisor got a chance to take a snapshot of her as she was working with her newborn kid by her side one day.

Melody Jett Blackwell of Tennessee, on the other hand, is a very fortunate mother! We are lucky to have a workplace that allows women to bring their newborns to work with them.

Melody’s boss was able to take a picture of her at work one day while she was holding her new baby.

Aside from the nice message, her supervisor also wrote a little Facebook post to accompany Melody’s photo with the baby. Here you go:

Melody shared her story with Love What Matters, describing how her manager treated her well from the start of her pregnancy period.

«When I delivered the baby, my boss was quite gracious and gave me three months of maternity leave.» After that, she let me work from home most of the week and come into the office only once a week. She lets me bring my kid in with me so that we can continue to bond and nurse. »

Such compassionate and inspiring workplace examples are obviously an uncommon piece of good news.

It’s no surprise that Melody was moved by this gesture of generosity, one she will never forget.

Many people on social media were moved by this working mom’s post and adorable photo. Currently, the post has around 2.5K likes and 1.3K shares on Facebook alone.

The incredible part is that Melody just found out about this after her photo went viral on social media. Melody dreams of the day when every employer in the world provides this level of ease to working mothers.

«I understand that not every office and work setting is suitable for children and newborns, but I believe that many places can be more flexible than they are currently,» Melody tells Love What Matters.

It is without a doubt one of the most difficult things to face when you have to raise a child when both parents must work to fulfill responsibilities.

If employers around the world were more flexible with working moms, it would not only make them feel better emotionally, but it would also save money on things like babysitters.

«It significantly reduces the expense of childcare.» I hope that in the future, more parents will have the chance that I have to spend every day with their kid while simultaneously contributing to the family income.

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