The boy was shocked when his co-singer started to sing the cover

December is the most wonderful month of the year because anything may happen—especially as we get closer to Christmas.
These two Irish teenagers displayed their most remarkable talent, stunning millions of people. With Christmas quickly coming, members of Ireland’s Mount Sion Choir decided to give the public an early Christmas gift: their bright grins. Colette Kearney, the choral group’s choir director, led a group of 25 members ranging in age from 12 to 19. It was the group’s first Christmas concert, and it took place in Waterford City’s St. Patrick’s Gateway Centre.

That night, two choir members surprised their listeners with an unexpected duet song.

Christopher Halligan, a 19-year-old teen guy, collaborated with Jessica Reinl, a 17-year-old girl, to perform «Shallow.»
For those who don’t know, it’s a song on the popular soundtrack of the 2018 romantic musical drama movie A Star Is Born. It was written by a very talented composer.

The young duo sang the song in front of a large crowd on the night of the Mount Sion Choir concert.

The pair accurately captured the song’s feelings!

The song was mostly about a couple discussing how to make their relationship work by diving deep without coming up short in the shallow.
Halligan and Reinl jumped right in, bringing their sentiments into the mix and singing the song enthusiastically.

They not only properly interpreted its wonderful content, but they also stayed loyal to the song’s rhythm without abandoning the crucial parts that made that song what it is.
They were already brimming with brilliance at such an early age!

Their show went viral on the internet and wowed millions of people.

Mount Sion Choir posted the duo’s outstanding version of the song cover on YouTube, where it received millions of views.
Many people were so taken by their song that it began to spread on other social media sites, including Facebook, gaining them further notoriety on the internet.

The choir director revealed that the pair only prepared the performance once, but they were astonished to see their listeners shed tears of joy when they heard them perform it at the event.
After their video went viral, the spotlight was on them for a long time!

The choir, particularly the powerful pair, attracted so much attention that people began to identify them everywhere they performed.
Reinl and Halligan were both invited to perform the same duet at the Waterford Institute of Technology venue during the Waterford Peace Proms in 2019. The venue was packed, with people crowding around the young singers on the center stage.

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